Imagine you are getting in your car to drive and there is no fuel in the tank.  Completely empty without a drop of gas.  Unfortunately for you the vehicle is not going to go far on fumes alone.  This is what you expect of your body when you deprive it of the breakfast it needs.   And yes, breakfast is very important!  How far do you think the body will go on fumes?  Here’s why you should always have breakfast:

  •  The body awakes in an energy-deprived state.  Depending on when dinner or the last evening snack was consumed, a person may have gone 10 – 15 hours without food.  This means the tank is empty. 
  •  The only way to get fuel (energy) back in the tank is to eat food such as fruits (complex carbohydrates and fiber), eggs (protein), or whole wheat toast or whole grain cereal (whole grains). Even breakfast bars can suffice in a pinch.  The best energy comes from complex carbohydrates and protein helps that energy “stick” with you.   
  • To lose weight you have to eat 4 – 6 times a day.  This boosts the metabolism and makes you more effecient at burning fat.  When you skip meals your body starts feeding on your muscle instead of the fat.
  • And if that’s not enough to convince you, consider this. Studies consistently show that people who don’t eat breakfast eat more calories through the day, and make poorer food choices, than those who eat breakfast. So if you think you’re “saving” calories by not eating breakfast, you’re wrong.     

So next time you think breakfast is not important, think again!  Your amazing body needs fuel!  Lean, healthy people eat breakfast.